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Radiant Cut Diamonds – All That You Need to Know

 Round Brilliant cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and heart-shaped diamonds are the most popular signature diamonds that almost everyone likes to purchase. Many of us even prefer these diamond shapes to create our appealing diamond ornaments. But do you know amongst the several diamond shapes available in the market, you can achieve the same brilliance with the splendid radiant cut diamonds? And the best part of it is, compared to the signature diamonds, these will not let you pay through the nose.

Are you planning to customize a diamond ring in Chicago? We guess, choosing a radiant cut diamond for a solitaire ring will be perfect from both economical angle and angle of elegance. So, if you are bothered about your budget and at the same time, want something superior and sensational, then we guess, customizing your diamond piece with these forgiving diamonds will be an ideal option.

The radiant cut diamonds are quite famous amongst the popular fancy cut diamonds available in the diamond stores of Chicago. Just like the princess cut diamonds, they appear like two-squared diamonds with a modern, swank, and unique look. Such an amazing diamond can even be nominated for the class of brilliance and sparkle. Well, this is not just the reason why you should go for a radiant cut diamond. There are many more to go.

Radiant Clarity Grade

Radiant cut diamonds are rich with many facets. As a result, it is quite easy for them to hide the inclusions and to bring out the marvellous fire from the stone itself. Moreover, due to the dazzling brilliance, it becomes hard to find the flaws or the inclusions with the naked eye. This is again an advantage of buying slightly lower clarity graded radiant cut diamond. Say suppose, you have a diamond less than 1 carat, you can easily drop its clarity down to VS2. And if it of weight over 2 carats, you can opt for VVS2 and gain excellent clarity. Since the inclusions are more visible on larger stones, it is better you avoid compromising on the quality based on this. Reach the diamond stores in Chicago. Here you will discover a wide range of diamonds based on the clarity itself.

Radiant Color Grade

Radiant cut diamonds can be accessed in multiple shades. That is the prime reason why they have been classified in the group of fancy colored diamonds.

In general, the more you go down on the color grading scale, the more you will have the chance to save on your diamond piece. Like all other diamonds, radiant color diamonds are also classified into two basic color categories. D, E, F graded diamonds are near to colorless that makes the diamonds more popular and more expensive. While the rest can be easily purchased. Along with the color of the diamonds, you should even consider the metal of your diamond ring. Not every diamond color can be paired with every metal color. So you must take care of this, before heading for a purchase.

Radiant Cut Length-to-Width Ratio

A radiant cut diamond appears either in a square form or in a rectangular form. Although the cut remains the same, the length to width ratio differs slightly. For instance, if you consider a perfect rectangular shaped radiant diamond, its length to width ratio is about 1.25-1.35. While that of a perfect square shaped radiant diamond is always 1. Are you shopping online or visiting an offline diamond store of Chicago, make sure you have the perfect measurement of this diamond.

Radiant Durability

If you consider the pear-shaped diamonds or marquise cut diamonds, they are quite fragile owing to their pointed corners. But this is not the case with the radiant cut diamonds. There is no uncertainty with their durability factor as these diamonds have trimmed corners along with beveled edges that resist them from breaking easily. This is yet another reason, why you should go for a radiant cut diamond for your solitaire diamond ring.

A Brief History

Radiant shaped diamonds were first introduced in the year 1977 by Henry Grossbard, a master gem cutter. With an aim to create a cut that offers fine dazzling sparkle like that of round brilliant diamonds, he ended up developing a radiant cut diamond. These diamonds generally consist of 70 facets. As a consequence, they have an exceptional light reflection, thus making the overall diamond piece a brilliant one. And if you compare this with the 58 facets a round brilliant cut diamond, you will be surprised to find the beauty and fire of this radiant cut diamond.

Hope these reasons are enough to console why radiant cut diamonds can be a perfect choice if you are planning for a diamond ring in Chicago. Not just in the transparent shade, you can even look for stunning colored diamonds as well.

Just move down to the diamond stores of Chicago and look for these diamonds. But make sure they are GIA certified and not duplicate diamonds. At Diamonds Inc, Chicago you will find such certified diamonds at a wholesale rate. The range of products available here is enough to mesmerize the viewers.

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