Friday 12 January 2018


Diamonds are known as the hardest natural gemstone which depends on its purity, crystalline
perfection and orientation. Due to its undefined beauty and characteristics , diamonds have a very high
price rate.
Diamonds are mainly used in making engagement rings and other bridal accessories. It is
better to have a knowledge of the diamond shapes as well as the four C's : colour, clarity, cut, and carats,
before purchasing any diamond jewellery. Following are the main characteristics of a real diamond.
1. Diamond Cuts – It represent the brightness of a diamond. The better the cut, the better it reflects.
The quality of cutting refers to polishing, proportions and symmetry. Proportions refers to the ratio
between size,shape and angles of each facet of a diamond.
2. Diamond Clarity – It represents the flaws or inclusions in a diamond. The clarity of a diamond is
rated on following scale:
IF : internally flawless, that is the pure diamond.
VVS1-VVS2 : very very slightly included
VS1-VS2 : very slightly included
S1-S2: slightly included
Thus the clarity measure the purity of a diamond.
3. Diamond Colour – An ideal diamond is colourless and are expensive in nature while the white,
red, blue, and green diamonds are rare to find. Diamonds graded as D, E and F are considered
colourless whereas G, H and I are near colouless.
4. Diamond Carats – Diamond is measured in carats. It represents the measure of a diamond.
1 carat=0.20gm. More the weight of a diamond more will be its price rate.
Apart form these characteristics a real diamond when examined with a magnifying glass,has
many imperfections in the carbon. Whereas the fake diamonds will be perfect. Again if observed
thoroughly, real diamonds will have sharp edges and the fake ones will be rounded.
Thus, before purchasing a diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewelery it is better
to check its characteristics and detect the fake one.

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