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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Heirloom Jewelry

Do you have a heirloom  jewelry piece in your locker or safe? If so, it's time to reuse it and look different from others. Yes, you heard it correct. heirloom  jewelry can make you look different, maybe a standout. 

But this difference can either be a positive one or a negative one. Negative in the sense, you may look icky while pairing it with your outfit. People may even call you backdated. Whereas, a positive impact implies you will look stunning when stapling your jewelry with the dress you put on. Hence, you have to learn how to use this jewelry so that no one can tease you. 

1. Wear it in contrast: Not always you can pair your heirloom jewelry piece with your contemporary make up. But yes, you can try it out once. You may wrap an old bold necklace around your wrist and make it appear like a bracelet. Or may use the brooch as a hair ornament or pendant. You may add the pair of earrings to your dress instead of putting on ears. You just have to think something out of the box so that you can hit the object solving two purposes.

2. Rebuilt something new: You may have two or three heirloom ornaments and turning them into a new one is another way to reuse the jewelry. Most of the diamond stores in Chicago provide one of the best jewelry making services. You may choose one and turn your old jewelry to something new. For example, a necklace can be a pair of earring, a brooch can be transversed into a pendant and so on. 

3. Change the Metal Base: Another way to use your heirloom jewelry is to change the metal base. Over time it is always the metal that ruins its durability and quality. Changing the metal base with platinum, white gold, or yellow gold will make the gemstone appear brighter, larger, and more appealing. Changing base of a diamond ring in Chicago is quite easy and flexible.

4. Reuse the gemstone: You may not like the style or design of the ornament you have, but still, you want to keep it next to your soul. In this scenario what you can do is reuse the gemstone embedded with the heirloom ornament. Unmount the gems and create a new piece with your own design. It will be entirely yours having an emotional connection to the past. It is one of the best ways to carry out memories from generations to generations. Any diamond stores in Chicago are known for rebuilding such kind of jewelry pieces at an economical rate.

5. Make it brand new: Removing the gemstone from the old piece and fixing it to a new one, without even disturbing the quality of the ornament is not so easy task. But still, the diamond jewelers in Chicago are proficient enough in creating the most authentic jewelry. 

Well, there are times when the overall jewelry needs a repair or replacement of parts. In this case, handle your old jewelry piece to your jeweler. The diamond stores in Chicago examine the heirloom, cast an estimate, and perform the necessary repair service. They have the ability to turn the old jewelry pieces to a new one 

Heirloom jewelry always has a feeling concealed in it. There can be an emotional attachment to the wearer or some significant incidence folded in it. Hence you have to carry your ornament very delicately and with love.

Check out the safe and find out whether there is any heirloom jewelry for you. If you meet anyone, assess whether it needs any repair or replacement before using it instantly. As often the old jewelries are more prone to wear and tear. So it is better if you check it out first before pairing it with your outfit. 

The diamond store in Chicago is admirable for jewelry repair services. From resizing to rebuilding and replacing, they are highly efficient in these tasks.

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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Heirloom Jewelry

Do you have a heirloom  jewelry piece in your locker or safe? If so, it's time to reuse it and look different from others. Yes, you...