Monday, 19 February 2018

The Breathtaking Engagement Rings at Chicago's Diamond District

 Getting engaged? Wow! 

So have you purchased your engagement ring or still searching for the right destination?

You should not keep this for the last moment, because this may slip from your memory. Hope you still have enough time on your hand. So you don't need to get worried about as we are here to help you out of this. Whenever we listen to this question 'From where should I purchase a diamond?', the only one answer that strikes our mind is 'Chicago'. Chicago and its diamond district are famous for trading and manufacturing of diamonds. Have you ever been there? If yes, then it will not take enough time for you to understand the phrase 'Diamonds mean Chicago'. But if you haven't been there yet, then before emphasizing on engagement rings, let us first give you the overall picture of the Diamond district.

The diamond district of Chicago is the acronym given to the landmark, Historic Jewelers Row. The row is situated in the Loop community area of Chicago in Wabash Avenue amidst between East Washington Street and East Monroe Street. The district is populated with skyscraping jewelry malls and small diamond trading centers. Wabash Jewelers Mall and Jewelers Center in Maller's Building are the two famous skyscrapers. The specialty of these jewelry hubs lies in trading dazzling diamonds at a wholesale rate. This means you have an opportunity to be the witness of exciting diamond collection and purchase the best at an affordable cost. But make sure you have the knowledge of the four C's of a diamond. Otherwise, the small traders will not leave this opportunity to cheat on you.

What are the different options that you may get from there while purchasing an engagement ring?

  1. Solitaire setting: Solitaire setting engagement ring is also known as prong setting engagement ring. This is a very common designed ring which is consists of a metal band with metal claws or prongs that holds a single diamond in its place. The prongs can be V-shaped, rounded shaped, pointed shaped or flat shaped. In this setting, the prongs make the diamond looks prominent. As it is prominent and notified, light can easily pass through the diamond. As a result, the diamond reveals more brightness and luster. This type of engagement ring is very simple in design but look classy and thus is easy to maintain. Though it has so many advantages, this setting possess a major drawback. Since the prongs grip the diamond, there may be a chance of losing the diamond.
  2. Tiffany setting: This is the improved version of the solitaire setting. Here six prongs are used just to enhance the diamond's brightness. Almost all the shapes of diamond and its sizes can be attached to it. Since this type of setting is the extension of a prong setting, therefore the advantages and disadvantages of a solitaire setting are also included here.

  3. Bezel setting: this is almost the same as that of a prong or tiffany setting. Here instead of using metal prongs to grip the diamond, the circular custom-made rim is used. Moreover, these rings are much secure than the solitaire prong setting ring.
  4. Tension setting: this type of setting has derived its name from the tension of the metal band. Here the diamonds appear drooping between the two sides of the band. This gives a unique, and more stylish appearance to the ring and hence make the ring too expensive.
  5. Pave setting: In this setting type, multiple small diamonds are closely placed together in such a way, that the metal prongs that are used to hold these diamonds are rarely visible. Thus due to the setting of diamonds, the ring continuously sparkles and it gives a strong brightness and fire. If the diamonds are placed around the whole band, it becomes very difficult to resize.
  6. Three-stone setting: In this type of setting, three stones are fixed at the center with the help of the metal prongs. This type of ring is mainly purchased for engagement and wedding occasions as they believe that the three stones of diamond represent the couple's past, present, and future. Princess cut and Round brilliant cut diamond shapes are mainly used for this type of ring.

  7. Cluster setting: In this type of setting, stones are clustered in such a way that it appears like a large diamond. This gives a dashing and unique appearance to the ring. If you are willing to buy such stone then it will cost cheaper than others. But if you consider the drawbacks then we may conclude that since very small stones are used for this ring, it needs high maintenance as well as there may be a chance of losing or falling of such stones.

Apart from these settings, you may choose your own style to form the ring. You may simple customize your ring according to your choice. After all, a custom-made ring has more importance than a ready-made ring. This is because, a custom-made ring holds your feelings and love and give you a platform to prove your creativity, showcase your personality and sense of humor. Now, what are you waiting for? Avail the metro services and get down the station at Historic Jewelers Row in Chicago. The heart of Chicago is connected with multiple destinations via metro services. Well if you want to go by car, then you are always welcome. In fact, there are some jewelry stores who provide free valet parking services to their customers.

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