Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Diamond and Rose Can Do All The MAGIC on Valentine's Day


Is it your first Valentine's day after marriage? Wow! Definitely, you are thinking for something special to celebrate the day. Don't forget to gift your wife a diamond ring or any diamond studded jewelry along with roses.  Diamonds and Roses play a fundamental role in this day of love. Now why only diamonds and roses, why not anything else. Have you ever questioned yourself why majority prefer these? No, definitely not. But now is the time to find out how diamonds and roses became the symbol of love.

Diamonds hold the meaning of love, status and commitment since ages. You will be quite surprised to know that diamonds formed the lucky stone of success and achievement among the people of ancient history. The name 'diamond' is derived from the Greek Word 'Adamas' which means unconquerable, unbeatable. The Greeks and Romans use to consider diamonds as the tear of God. Not only this, there were many, who used to believe that diamonds possess the power to restore one's life. The Pharaohs in 3000BC believes that diamonds have their own power, courage and truth. We know that these are all mythical stories, but the truth is that these stories are still followed by today's modern civilisation in different ways. Like wearing a diamond engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is a ritual. But the scientific reason explains that the vein of the fourth finger of the left hand is directly connected to the heart. This is the reason why everyone believes that a diamond engagement ring will define the love, care and emotions for the valentine. Since real diamonds are too expensive, diamond jewelry became the fundamental ornament of the royal family as it defines their economic status. Diamonds are available in different shapes and different colour. Each shape of diamond has its own fundamental property. Apart from these you have one other option between a ready-made diamond studded jewelry or a customized one, where the custom designed diamond ring or other jewelry will express your feelings, creativity and resembles your personality. However, if you are gifting a diamond you should be aware of all its variety of shapes and colours along with their characteristics to gift the best one of his/her choice. A diamond is always believed to be the best friend of women or girls. So willing to gift a diamond will not only be the right choice, but prove to be the best gifting option.

Just as diamonds, roses have also their own signature on the day of love. Variety of colors in roses have a variety of definition. The colors that frequently occurs in roses are red, yellow, pink, and white.
                     1. A yellow color rose stands for the bond of friendship, promise, care, and happiness.
                     2. A pink color rose stands for appreciation, thanksgiving, and admiration.
                     3. A white rose stands for purity, innocence, and humility.
                     4. Whereas, a red rose as you know stands for love, affection, and respect.

These you may have come across frequently. And when all are clubbed together to form a bouquet of colorful roses, it will define every essence that is required in a perfect relationship. But there are plenty of other colorful roses that rarely occur but still signifies its presence.

                     1. A lavender rose is the symbol of enchantment.
                     2. An orange rose describes enthusiasm, desire, and fascination.
                     3. A blue rose signifies the impossible and unattainable.
                     4. A peach color rose defines gratitude and sincerity.

We can suggest you with an amazing and unique idea. Plan Valentine's day evening in your own way and to make your day special and memorable you can make a blend of diamonds and roses. Sounds funny? Let us explain to you. Put a diamond ring on a red rose and surprise her in a romantic style. This will add an extraordinary effect to your love and romance. If you want more amazing ideas like this, you can take help of our other blogs. I guess, now you are definitely going to do this. Know more on How to celebrate Valentine's week

Well, Valentine's day without diamonds and roses is always incomplete. Though there are plenty of other beautiful and creative gifting options, still the flavor of love is obtained from former two.

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