Friday, 19 January 2018

Bachelor or Spinster ? Know The Best Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Why are you looking so depressed on such a romantic occasion? Just because you are
single? Come on. Valentine's day is the day to spread the love. And love is not confined to only the
lovers. Don't you love your friends, your family? Of course, you do, right? Go through the whole blog and you will come across several points of how you can enjoy your Valentine's day being single.

1. Being single you can easily celebrate your day with your group of friends or family,
without skipping the day or marking it as a holiday. If your friends are not busy with
their lovers, then make a call and organize a 'singles' party. Throw a party which
includes a DJ night, dance, delicious dishes paired with cocktails and romantic events.
You can also ask your paired-friends whether they are willing to join you.

2. If your friends are not free then you can enjoy the same with your family. Plan a DJ
night and ask all your family members to indulge in it. You can organize a romantic
dinner for the couples who belong to your family along with some romantic activities.

3. If the plan of organizing a party is dropped then simply plan a night out along with a
long drive with your friends. Enjoy the cold winter night under the twinkling stars. Feel
the darkness and the fresh air. Have you ever felt the smell of the fresh air during the
night? Certainly not. Take an advantage of this romantic whether and drive. Drive till
you are not bored or tired. Enjoying the whole night with friends gives a different
experience. But one thing you should keep in mind that don't dare to drink and drive.
This is illegal and it may harm your life. If you are in love with alcohol then step-in to
an inn and enjoy there.

4. However, if all the above plans fail to happen then don't be upset or think negative. If
you think positively, you can come up with exciting ideas. Like you can spend your
time watching your favorite movie or something new that is running in the theaters
nearby. Indulge yourself cooking delicious food and making cards and greetings for
your loved ones.

5. Apart from these, there are several restaurants who organizes different activities. Walk-
in to those eateries with your friends or family, have delicious items and take a part in
such events organized.

6. Whatever may be, we will suggest you plan your day in advance. If ultimately none
of the plan works, then keep a backup plan of enjoying your day going on a short trip
with your family.

By the way, have you bought the gifts for your loved ones? Have you decided yet or you
have thought since you don't have a valentine you can't spend your Valentine's day, so no need to waste money on gifts? Whatever may be, we hope after going through this, something has definitely clicked your mind.

Now, Hurry up! Plan your secret gifts for your loved ones from now onwards. There are a
variety of gifting items which you can gift your loved ones. You can gift a box of chocolates as Chocolate is such a gift that no one says no to it. A bouquet of flowers can also be an option for you to gift to someone special. It spreads a fragrance of love among your loved ones. If you are inviting your friends you can gift a card to each of them. To make the card more special, try to make it by yourself. Handmade cards add a different flavor to your love and respect for someone. It reflects your creativity along with your own personality. Every stroke of color that you use will be the mirror to your choice.

I hope my suggestion will help you to enjoy your day. You have plenty of options to celebrate your valentine's day being single. So don't waste the day and start your planning from today onwards. You don't need to compare with the couples. They have their own way of celebration. And you
design the day in your own way.

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