Friday, 22 February 2019

Some Common Questions Related To Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are treated the best alternative replacement for expensive mined diamonds. With the onset of lab-created diamonds and with the addition of their assorted styles and designs, these diamonds are quite appreciated by the buyers. However, there are many who still hover between “whether to purchase or not”.

While making a purchase of an engagement ring or other diamond accessories for the significant other, one can make a variety of choices based on these diamonds. But before the person can take any decision, a bag full of questions stuck his or her mind that often resist them to make their desirable purchase.

What are lab-created diamonds? What are New Dawn diamonds? Are they all similar?

Such questions struck initially. Lab-created diamonds are basically the cultured diamonds that are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments. They are famous as man-made diamonds that are developed in the labs using advanced technological processes like CVD or HPDT method. These methods imitate the conditions by which natural diamonds are produced in the mantle, beneath the earth's crust.

Are these diamonds reliable?

Often the buyers move a few steps backward because of such negative assumption. Many of them assume lab-created diamonds are duplicate. They are synthesized to cheat potential buyers. But the picture speaks a different story. Lab-grown diamonds, though created in the laboratory are too identical to the natural mined diamonds. They possess the same physical and optical properties as that of those real diamonds. In fact, to ensure the buyers, man-made diamonds are GIA certified and are graded similarly on the basis of the 4C's. Gemological Institute of America issues certificates to all such diamonds and no dealer are allowed to sell these diamonds without documentation.

How come these diamonds can be obtained at a reasonable rate?

Diamonds are expensive but lab-created diamonds are not. And this is where a person heading to buy diamond jewelry gets perplexed. Since natural diamonds or the organic diamonds occur frequently in nature, they are sold in the market at a sky-high rate – that is unreachable for many diamond lovers. Hence, to balance this price rate and to open multiple doors for every diamond lover, new dawn diamonds are invented. These diamonds, since originated in the laboratory under high temperature and pressure, can be accessed at an economical price. That is the main reason, why they possess a special recognition.

Will these diamonds have the same luster and fire like natural diamonds?

Natural diamonds are colorless and are delicately cut to obtain a lustrous shape and fire. A diamond's brightness or sparkle generally depends on the diamond cut or facets made in it. In comparison to mined diamonds, lab-created diamonds are more glamorous and have more sparkle than regular organic diamonds. Sometimes it really becomes tough to find the real natural gemstone between the two.

Additionally, as these gemstones do not cause any harm to the natural environment during its creation, they are termed as eco-friendly diamonds. So, anyone who has an intense love for the environment, he or she can truly depend on these cultured gemstones.

Deciding the shape, color, size, and setting might be easy, but beforehand one needs to decide whether he wants to shop these lab-grown New Dawn diamonds or wants to spend money on expensive organic mined diamonds. That's the matter to concern.

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