Wednesday, 6 February 2019

How to Choose Diamond Stud Earrings Based on Settings?

Whenever it comes to diamond gift, guys often tend to stick to a single option – a diamond ring. Styles, colors, sizes, designs, may differ but the category remains the same. Are you planning for the same? Oh God! Why can't you plan for something different?

Diamond rings are too common to gift someone special. Especially, the custom diamond rings in Chicago. They are known for their classic designs, styles, shape, and allure. Yeah, we agree that these rings have their own impactful beauty, but that doesn't mean other diamond items are worthless, they are not up to the brim to express your feelings. Other diamond accessories such as diamond chain, diamond pendants or even diamond stud earrings serve the same objective.
Next to diamond ring, diamond stud earrings are again one of the best diamond gift that a woman can love. A wide varieties of diamond stud earrings are open to all. But finding them can be an issue for you. Here in this blog, we have upheld how you should choose the best diamond pair in terms of the diamond settings.

Settings always play a dual role, no matter what piece of jewelry it is. At one hand, they aim to secure the gem, so that you can wear it without fear of loss. On the other hand, settings offer unlimited creative possibilities to display the gem to its best. Thus if you are likely to purchase a pair of diamond stud earrings, it should be your prior need to focus on their settings.
Settings that enhance the Sparkle

While purchasing diamond earrings you should look for the settings that have the potential to enhance the brilliance of the diamonds. Yes, diamond settings to some extent are responsible for the enhancement of the diamond sparkle. This can be done by putting the least amount of metal on the stones. Fewer metals provide more diamond visibility to the eye. For this, you need a setting with three to four prongs. For smaller diamonds, sparkle can be enhanced by adding a halo of diamond melee.
Settings that enhance the Size

True prong settings can even enlarge the size of a diamond, this is because they cover the least amount of diamond surface. Therefore, if you are going for size, look for a prong setting. They will expose your diamond to its best.

Settings that enhance the Security

Diamonds are the hardest gem, but its security lies on the hands of the settings. They not generally subject to wear and tear, but you should not rely on blindly. Study the settings and find out the piece that ensures diamonds won't be falling out of their settings. Additionally, you must even take care that your diamond piece is secured with screw backs and locking earring backs. These two ensure the best. Don't go for options like friction backs. They differ in sizes but offer a lack of protection.

Other things that you should make sure that your earrings sit flat and don't droop. Drooping earrings are large in size but have hardly anything to do with the earlobe. Such earrings are apparently heavier and have a tendency to droop if the earring backs are small. This is what you have to make sure. Small backs for small earrings are ok. But not for the heavy large earrings.

Custom diamond rings, Chicago is not backdated. But you should prefer to change your preferences with time. Not every time, the same thing is desirable. Nor you should make this a habit.

Are you desiring to surprise your partner? This special occasion gifts a diamond stud earring and observe her expressions.

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