Monday, 3 June 2019

3 Alternatives To a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Your heart beats on diamond tennis bracelet. But what about your heart when it discovers the high rate of the diamond selection. Obviously, it breaks. In fact, it may have broken several times. Isn't it?

Is your heart made of clay? Then why you let your heart break so many times. Just like when someone breaks your heart, it takes time but in the end you look for an alternative option. Likewise,  it's time to look for the most possible choices to those heart-touching diamond tennis bracelets. 

Lab-Grown diamonds are less expensive than the natural diamond pieces. But sometimes we look for more pocket-friendly options so that we don't need to break our bank account. Hence are the alternative options to diamond tennis bracelets. 

Excited to know about them? Here we go.

One of the best alternatives to diamonds or lab-grown diamonds, is the diamond simulants. These gemstones look similar to the real diamonds but they fail to possess every property of a true diamond. However, when you are looking for affordable purchase, quality of diamond should be the matter to concern. Isn't it? Here are the two diamond simulants that can replace the real diamonds – moissanite and cubic zirconia.

1. Diamond Moissanite Bracelet: As said earlier, moissanite stones look almost similar to the real diamonds. They may not serve exactly what you have desired but will simply take care of your budget. Designing tennis bracelets with moissanite has made it easier for the buyers to make their affordable purchase.  

2. Cubic Zirconia Bracelet: Looking for a high-quality bracelet at an affordable rate? Then definitely it is cubic zirconia that you are opting for. Cubic zirconia with respect to the Moissanite is more solid and durable like silver. 
These bracelets are cheaper than diamonds but that doesn't mean these bracelets look less perfect. If you are doing a comparison, make sure you are comparing the same niche. With respect to the moissanite, they offer high standards of appearance and durability. Hence you get a quality product without spending millions of bucks for the timeless piece.

3. White Sapphire Bracelet: Finally, we have another option other than the simulants. This is the white sapphire. These gemstones are known for their strong durability and almost similar appearance to diamonds, especially in small sizes. Just like others, these gemstones have gained high appreciation next to the lab-created diamonds.  

When you are bored with diamonds, Chicago can bless you with so many possible options. This will be cost-effective and will never tease the quality of tennis bracelets. But since these jewelry pieces are not composed of diamonds, you can't expect the same quality in return. Hence, like all fine jewelry you need to take good care of them.

How to take care of these tennis bracelets?

To enhance the longevity of these bracelets, they should be serviced every alternate year. This may be added to your expense but it will be well worth the effort. Apart from this, it is your duty to keep your bracelet clean and sparkling. The best way to clean them is by using soap warm water and a soft cloth. Make sure you avoid an ultrasonic cleaner, as the intense vibration generated from them can put the stones at risk of falling out of the setting. Similarly, hard detergents or hard water can ruin the stone. Therefore, these basic things have to be kept in mind before cleaning a jewelry piece.

Looking for affordable options for your diamond tennis bracelet? A lot of jewelers have sprouted out in the diamond district of Chicago. For example, Diamonds Inc. These jewelers are not just defined by diamonds but also with lab-grown diamonds, diamond simulant, and other gemstones. 

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