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How To Choose a Diamond Shape Based on the Mood?

Do you really need any occasion or mood to put on diamonds? Of course, not. Ladies are always ready to wear diamonds pairing with their outfits. They do not really need any special invitation for that. Likewise, they don't actually dislike any diamond gift. Whether it is a round brilliant cut diamond ring, or a simple emerald cut diamond stud earring, you can make her happy with any diamond shape you like. After all, it is a diamond that is treated as girls' best friend.

But yes, if you are talking about diamonds' mood, then every diamond shape serves a different temper. And based on that you can choose your diamond for your respective occasion and awe you love. Want to know about them in details? Here are the 10 basic diamond shapes with their respective mood. You can scroll down to find out which one would suit your reason.

1. Round – Classic: Are you planning to customize your diamond ring in Chicago? If her choice is classic, then round brilliant cut diamond can be the most suitable and appropriate diamond piece to use for your diamond ring. In fact, they are the most popular diamond shape used for engagement rings, accounting for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold. This particular diamond featured with 58 facets is created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. Owing to its shaping style, the light gets reflected from the bottom of the diamond, back through the top, generating a mesmerizing brilliance. Want a versatile and timeless look with a clean and modern setting? Look for the round brilliant cut diamonds at the top diamond stores in Chicago.

2. Princess – Ladylike: Do you treat your lady like a princess? Ask yourself. If yes, then yeah princess cut diamond is for you. It was the year 1961 when the aspiring jewelry designer Arpad Nagy discovered the princess cut diamond. It is a square shaped diamond featured with an array of intricate facets. So, more facets represent more brilliance, and yes, of course, more will be the price rate. Princess cut diamond can nicely be dressed as the center stone of the solitaire engagement ring and is treated as the second most popular styles. This square or rectangular stone with pointed corners exhibit high-class sparkle and hold less number of flaws. Would you like to spend on such an exclusive piece? For your lady, yeah this will be an amazing gift.

3. Emerald – Glamorous: Emerald diamond is all about glamour. It is a rectangular shaped diamond with long lean facets running down the sides, exhibiting distilled clear clarity than any other shape. Though it lacks in brilliance if compared to other diamond shapes, it provides more elegant look adding a glamorous gesture. Going through history, you will find this particular diamond shape was invented in the art deco period. This staircase resembling rectangular shaped diamond is popular from the 1920s.

4. Asscher – Vintage Lover: Are you a vintage lover? Or is your partner interested in vintage items? Then obviously, Asscher will serve the best. Somewhat identical to Emerald cut, Asscher diamonds are striking and breathtaking. It offers a vintage art-deco feel of 1920s-1930s. The stone is highlighted with thick, clipped corners and stepped sides, thus distinguishing them from other diamond shapes. Not recently, but this diamond shape is in popularity since the 1930s.

5. Cushion – Romantic: If you are looking for a romantic vibe then cushion shaped or pillow cut diamond will turn out to be the best. Pillow cut diamonds offer a rectangular shape with rounded corners, having much larger facets than other diamonds. These diamonds will take you to the era of romance and elegance and is perfect if you are too much bothered about clarity.

6. Marquise – Dramatic: Marquise cut diamond was created in the 18th century during the reign of Louis XIV, assertedly named after his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. It offers a tapered cut that means an oval with rounded and pointed sides at each end. If you want your finger to look more slender and elongated then these diamond shapes can be the best choice for creating a diamond ring in Chicago.

7. Oval – Innovative: Oval diamonds are somewhat similar to the round diamonds. Because of its impressive brilliance and brightness, the shape is quite popular among solitaire rings. The elongated oval shape looks fabulous on smaller hands or shorter fingers, thus offering an illusion of long, slender looking fingers. However, these oval diamonds have to be flanked by side stones that may include smaller diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or other gems, appealing to a wide range of tastes.

8. Pear – Unique: A pear-shaped diamond is a hybrid formation of marquise cut and oval cut, that resembles a twinkling teardrop as if tears are rolling down her cheek when you present her. Obviously, they are the tears of joy. Pear shaped diamonds are generally popular for pendants and earrings, but can even be a unique and best choice for engagement rings. They are elongated in nature and can be more elongated depending on your preference. However, owing to its unbalanced set, it is not usually paired with elaborated accent stones.

9. Radiant – Diva: Diamond stores in Chicago are rich with assorted diamond creations. But when it comes to radiant cut diamond, they are often hard to find. They are featured with excellent glamour, outstanding brilliance, having a rare sparkly square shaped with trimmed corners. Hence, it will not wrong if they are treated like a diva. The dazzling brilliance of the diamond piece and the effect of its color refraction, all are the resul of its cut that includes 70 facets. Though this natural gemstone excels in every aspect, they are expensive and are rarely used for engagement rings.

10. Heart – Sensitive: Hey! Is she sensitive? If yes, heart-shaped diamond ring will definitely get matched with her personality. Heart-shaped diamond is not just a symbol of romance but it even highlights sentimentality and sensitive nature. In fact, it is the best diamond piece to showcase your love and care for your partner. Quite similar to pear-shaped diamonds, heart-shaped natural gemstones are more elongated and need special precision and skill to define the beauty and brilliance of the piece.

Hope, now it has been clear to you about the different diamond shapes. So, which diamond will you like to choose to create your diamond ring in Chicago? All are brilliant but yes, their price rate differs from each other. Decide your budget, look for the best diamond stores in Chicago like Diamonds Inc and find your true diamond for your partner.

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