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How to Maintain Aquamarine Gemstone?

I am really addicted to the color blue and so Aquamarine gemstone is what I love among other variants. And what about you? Aquamarine gemstone is basically one of the varieties of Beryl that also include Emerald, Morganite, Heliodor etc. The name 'Aquamarine' signifies the phrase “water of the sea” that simply indicates the bluish or greenish blue shade of the sea water. 

Compared to diamonds of Chicago, I prefer these inspiring blues to make astounding jewelry pieces. Not just because of its color but because they are inexpensive and durable for everyday use. Well, that doesn't mean they do not need any maintenance. Obviously, they seek. In fact, like other gemstones, if they not taken care of properly, it is hard to keep them in a good shape for years. 

Excited to know how to keep aquamarine shiny? The blog below is waiting to give you proper details.  

Know how to clean your aquamarine stone and take proper care of.

Cleaning the blue birthstone quite easy and you can also say, the most cost-effective way to wash out the dirt. Check out the three easiest steps to carry out the cleaning procedure.

1. Take a bowl with warm water and add a drop of liquid soap or dish soap. Wait till the water forms lather.

2. Take your aquamarine stone studded jewelry and soak it into the soapy water for few minutes. 

3. Unlike other stones, aquamarine can be cleaned using a toothbrush. Take it and scrub the stone gently for another few minutes, so as to detach the dirt. Make sure you apply it gently, otherwise the prongs holding the stone may get loosen.

4. Once it is done, rinse it under warm water and dry it using a soft cotton cloth. 

Cleaning Products to Avoid

Isn't the method quite easy? And the tools required to conduct the process are also easy to access. But there are certain elements that you need to avoid while performing this task. Say, for example, the detergent that holds ammonia or alcohol. Likewise, you should also keep your aquamarine ring from abrasive materials like scrubbing cloths or hard brushes. You need to remember that, these gemstones are not as hard as diamonds. They are very gentle and so need intense care and affection.

Know how aquamarine settings can affect cleaning

Aquamarine stone can be studded with different metals. They may include silver, gold, tungsten or even steel and every metal involves different cleaning procedures. Consequently, you need to know the metal setting before you commence your cleaning process. Say, if it is silver, you should make sure that after rinse you dry the jewelry very well using a soft, smooth cotton cloth. Otherwise, a drop of water can tarnish the whole jewelry. However, such a risk doesn't appear with gold, stainless steel or tungsten.

Know how aquamarine's natural traits influence the cleaning process

The blue birthstone can also appear in shades of green and red and is popular among diverse cuts, just like a diamond in Chicago. All these shades are quite captivating if you put them on a ring or any other jewelry piece. But is your aquamarine look cloudy? It's simply because the blue stone is prone to get naturally cloudy or smudged, if not regularly cleaned or properly maintained. So to keep your stone sparkling, it is mandatory to follow the above-mentioned tips.

There are different process to maintain a different gemstone. Some use hard methods to remove dirt, while some undergo cost-effective procedures. Whatever it may be, a proper maintenance is indeed required to hold back the radiance and beauty of the stone.

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