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 Do you want to know why Historic Jewelers Row , the Diamond District in Chicago is exceptional? Let us make this clear to you that it is because of its historical significance as well as trading and manufacturing of diamond jewelleries. The jewelleries are self-made and elegant in nature with extraordinary designs and patterns.
Before going to the depth, first of all you should know where this district is situated. Historic Jewelers Row which is popularly known as the diamond district, is situated in Wabash Avenue, running between East Washington Street and East Monroe Street, in Chicago.

Now, let us come to the point of what makes it historic? In the heart of Chicago's loop, there exists a distinctive group of buildings. The historic district in the loop area is surrounded by Post-Chicago Fire Loft manufacturing buildings,Chicago School Loft manufacturing, commercial buildings, early twentieth century skyscrapers, and Art Deco-style commercial buildings. These buildings play an important role in the growth of Chicago commercial architecture. The artists behind these buildings' wonderful architecture were; John Mills Van Osdel, Hill and Woltersdorf, Adler and Sullivan, D.H. Burnham and Co., Holabrid and Roche, Alfred Alschuler,Christian Eckstorm and Graham Anderson , and Probst and White. Other than these historical buildings there are Millenium Park , World class shopping and Museums in the loop area.

Since 1872, Historic Jewelers Row started to be recognized among people. In the year 1912, at 5 South Wabash there rise a twenty-one storied Mallers building. The artists,manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, with their efficient work, make this building a significant one. Now, it holds 12 iconic steel Jeweler's Row makers and more than 215 jewelers in both ground floor storefronts and upper floor offices. After World War II, there were two such companies that established its business in Chicago. They were Sherman Tucker and M.Y. Finkelman. Marshall who was the son of Finkelman brought dignity to the jewellery trade thus evolving the Jeweler's Center in late 1980's.

Thus gradually, the district enlisted its name as a Chicago Landmark on 9th July,2003. Today, this Historic Jewelers Row, The Diamond district in Chicago is known for trading, manufacturing and repairing of diamond jewelleries and watches. This jewelery hub is surrounded by Mallers building,Wabash Mall and many other small trading stores. Mallers Mall is famous for the Jewellers Center which contains more than 190 jewelers representing 33 countries. Diamond Inc, Ethan Lord Jewelers are two of those. They have their efficiency in making lifetime guaranteed dazzling diamond jewelleries, watches,and friendly services. Luo M Jewelers at Wabash Mall is skilled enough to make customized jewelleries. Loose diamonds are sold in a wholesale rate in the Wabash Mall. Not only diamond jewelleries, you can also discover watches decked up with diamonds and gem stones.

This district has become so much exceptional and significant that more than one metro routes are available to reach the heart of Chicago. Plenty of metro stations namely Adams/Wabash stations, Randolph/Wabash Stations, Monroe Red Line Station at S Slate/Monroe or Monroe Blue Line Station at S Dearborn/Monroe are available. If someone wants to use their own private car, there are some jewelers who have also offered free parking facility for the visitors. This makes the tourists bound to visit this place very easily without any trouble.

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